Precious metals

As a longer-term investment product, trading and holding physical precious metals has been popular among individual investors in recent years. For shorter-term investments, trading in derivatives and exchange contracts is a simpler, less restrictive way to trade, allowing you to take advantage of price fluctuations with less money.

Why trade gold, silver products?

Speculation, portfolio investment, diversification of risk
It can be long and short. Supports multiple currencies such as the us dollar, Australian dollar, British pound and euro
Rapid circulation, restricted by a variety of factors, can be regarded as a foreign exchange alternative transaction varieties


Gold, unlike most commodities, is not dominated by production and consumption levels -- most of the gold that has been mined so far is still available and can be re-entered into the gold market. As a result, gold prices are often shaped by political events and used as a tool in times of turmoil.


As a kind of precious metal, silver has irreplaceable characteristics in large-scale industrial application and making jewelry and silver products. Widely used in the electronics industry and as photosensitive materials, prices fluctuate more than many other metals.

Foreign exchange traded in Profit Market

  • Floating point error

    Profit provides a floating point difference so that you know exactly what price to pay on the transaction.

  • Negative balance protection

    Whatever happens during the transaction, you can rest assured that your account balance will never be less than zero.

  • dealCancellation

    Profit allows for the cancellation of loss-making transactions for a specified period of time, with a small charge. If the outcome of the transaction is uncertain, use it as insurance for the transaction.

  • Free guarantee stop loss

    Set a minimum price you feel comfortable with, and set a stop loss to close the deal when it arrives. Provide you with excellent risk management tools at no extra cost.

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